TV21c Conf
Television's Past, Present and Future

Television and the City

My remarks will address the role and importance of discussions of medium specificity and the ontology of television in the development of the discipline of television studies. I will refer to the complicated way in which these concerns crisscross with national, institutional, industrial, historical and cultural constraints/factors, and their current significance in a changing environment. These points will pick up arguments made in ‘What is the Television of Television Studies’ (represented in Television: The Critical View, Newcomb 6th edition 2000) and ‘Is Television Studies History?’ (Cinema Journal 47.3 2008) and ‘“It’s a film”: medium specificity as textual gesture in Red Road and The Unloved’ in Journal of British Cinema and Television (9.3 2012). I will conclude by introducing some of my current research on television cities.


Charlotte Brunsdon
University of Warwick
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